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Romans 15:19 – signs and miracles

16-03-2022 - Posted by Hans

In the power of signs and miracles, in the power of God’s spirit, so that, form Jerusalem and around unto Illyricum, I have completed the evangel of the Christ.

All of Paul’s ministry of bringing the gospel to the nations was not his work, but that of Christ Jesus. Not only the content of the message, but also its presentation. Precisely in the power of “signs and miracles” lay the evidence that God’s spirit confirmed Paul’s word.

The book of Acts repeatedly emphasizes how Paul’s ministry among the nations was powerfully confirmed by “miracles and signs.” As proof to Israel that the message of salvation had been moved from Jerusalem to the nations. For through Jerusalem’s unbelief the Evangel of Christ came to the nations (Acts 22:18). The “signs and miracles” that accompanied Paul’s testimony made this unmistakable. And it also made the people jealous (11:11).

Paul’s preaching started “from Jerusalem and around (=the Jewish land)” as far as Illyria, which is today Northern Greece and Albania. It is possible that Paul also visited that region during his recent journey through Macedonia (Acts 20:1-3). In order to be able to plant the flag of the Good News everywhere he went!