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Romans 15:10,11 – Be merry nations!

07-03-2022 - Posted by Hans

And again he is saying, “Be merry ye nations with His people!” And again he is saying, “Praise the Lord, all the nations,” And “let all the peoples laud Him.”

The Hebrew Bible is full of calls for (and announcements that) the nations will glorify God for his shown mercy (:9). With the perspective that first Israel will praise God and then through Israel all nations will also agree.

But Paul’s ministry is based on the fact that Israel as a nation unbelievingly rejected the risen Messiah and is now hardened (Rom.9-11). But would that invalidate the promises? That is impossible! For God fulfills what He promises and “let not one of His words fall.” Man’s unbelief never nullifies God’s faithfulness (3:3). So that the fulfillment of the prophecies is still guaranteed.

But that’s not the whole story. Because in a hidden way and via a detour (a thirteenth apostle), the above Bible words are indeed fulfilled today. Even if it is only a “remnant” of Israel who believe – it is through that “remnant” that the call to praise God still reaches the nations. Together with a minority of “his people”, they joyfully praise the Lord for his mercy!