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Romans 1:5 – faith-obedience

16-07-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

… through Whom we obtained grace and apostleship for faith-obedience among all the nations, for His name’s sake…

All of Paul’s labor appears to be aimed at working “faith-obedience” among the nations. He starts his letter with this statement and he also closes the letter with it (16:26). And in the intermediate chapters he explains what this means. Where one thing becomes absolutely clear: faith and works are diametrically opposed (4: 5). An order is given for it to work. A promise or statement, on the other hand, is made for this to be believed.

“Obedience of works” means: God gives a command or command and man is supposed to follow it. “faith-obedience” means: God communicates a good message and man would respond and say “Amen!” “The evangel of GOD” that Paul would herald among the nations does not demand anything from man. Nor does it impose any commandment upon man. It is the glad declaration that GOD fulfilled his promise by giving Life in his Son. And that all men, “each in his own order,” will receive justification and life (5:18). Purely for free!