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Romans 14:22– Happy who is testing

09-02-2022 - Posted by Hans

The faith which you have, have for yourself in God’s sight. Happy is he who is not judging himself in that which he is attesting.

Paul here addresses ’the strong’ in faith. This one believes he can eat anything (:2). And rightly so, evidenced by the fact that Paul calls this position “strong.” But he is not in favor of displaying this belief. And the reason is now clear: it could cause “the weak in the faith” (:1) to stumble. In such a situation it is good to forgo things that are fine in themselves. Keep the faith you have to yourself. And of course “before God”. But don’t force your (strong) faith on people. In general, this is also a good starting point. Stand up for your faith when asked. So appropriately but not too inappropriately.

A believer is not guided by the question whether something is permissible but whether it is useful and edifying. That requires thinking for yourself and testing things (approval, checking). Anyone who does that will be praised in advance here. Such an attitude speaks of a sound mind in a spirit of love.