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Romans 14:19,20 – The edification of each other.

09-02-2022 - Posted by Hans

Consequently, then, we are pursuing that which makes for peace and that which is for the edification of one another. Not on account of food demolish the work of God. All, indeed is clean, but it is evil to the man who with stumbling is eating.

The conclusion from the foregoing should be clear. The choice not to take certain food items should never be imposed on each other as a law. For instead of building each other up, this would mean breaking down God’s work. After all, His work consists in building up the ecclesia through His Word (1Cor.3:9). Where we give each other space and from there experience mutual peace, God makes his Word clear to us. It is in stark contrast to the quarrelsome atmosphere that arises when people dictate the law to each other. But even if one does not take into account the sensitivities of the “weak in the faith” (1:1).

Everything is clean for those who believe they can eat everything (:2). But that is different for those who do not (yet) understand that. Such a thing may show a weak conscience, but it deserves respect! It is reprehensible to let someone do something when they think it is evil. In the ecclesia where buildup takes place, there is room for both the ‘strong’ and the ‘weak’.