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Romans 14:18 – Well pleasing and attested

09-02-2022 - Posted by Hans

… righteousness and peace and joy in holy spirit. For he who in this is slaving for Christ is well pleasing to God and attested by men.

What in the preceding verse is called the kingship (or kingdom) of God is here called: slaving for Christ. And with that Paul is back to the earlier theme of the Lordship (=ownership) of Christ (14:9). Christ died and became alive that He might be Lord over the dead and the living. Where this is experienced, the kingship of God is expressed there. For in the new life (=holy spirit!) that Christ brought to light, justice, peace and joy predominate.

It is these high qualities that typify the Lordship of the risen Christ. God sees it with pleasure because He recognizes Himself in it. After all, he is righteous and always does justice to his promise. And He has peace because with Him everything is perfectly under control and He also makes peace by reconciling all enemies to Himself (Col.1:20). Mere joy is with Him for He is “the happy God” (1Tim.1:11). He succeeds in everything He undertakes!

However dark and twisted the world may be, the quality of these qualities is beyond any doubt. They stand every test!