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Romans 14:16 – Showing of with the good

09-02-2022 - Posted by Hans

Let not, then, your good be calumniated

By “the good” Paul here refers to the freedom in which we may stand. In contrast to “the weak in the faith” (:1), the “strong” is aware of this. He knows that he can eat anything and also that observing special days is not universally applicable. He knows about freedom and realizes the value of cherishing it.

At the same time, the mentioned “good” of the strong should not become a cause for slander. That situation can arise when a believer does or does not do something that seriously confuses another. Of course, that does not make such an act wrong in itself. Because what could be wrong with experiencing freedom with gratitude? But the bad thing is in not taking into account the sensitivities of “the weak in the faith”.

In the mutual intercourse between believers it is not about ‘being right’. For what good is ‘right’ if the result is that ‘the weak in the faith’ get lost and go astray? Wouldn’t the outside world justly slander such misunderstanding? Paul points to the alternative in the next verse. Why not ‘fly the flag’ of God’s kingdom?!?