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Romans 1:30 – Reprehensible thinking in practice

02-09-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

…whisperers, villifiers, detesters of God, outragers, proud, ostentatious, inventors of evil things, stubborn to parents…

After listing nine times “filled” and “distendedl” (: 29), in verses 30 and 31, there is a list of twelve ‘kinds’ of people. Wherein the last four (in verse 31) in Greek are words, each starting with a- (meaning ‘without’). So in total Paul lists twenty-one (= three times seven) misconducts that are an expression of a “disqualified mind” (: 28).

The catalog of misconduct covers a wide range of properties in all kinds of relationships. “Whisperers” (or ‘ear blowers’) are people who secretly (= softly) speak evil things about others. From the Greek word “outragers” is made up of ‘over’ (hyper) and ‘appear’. It means: making yourself look more beautiful and better. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are ideal for this… The word ‘arrogant’ is close to this: you think you are better than others. Being able to invent things is of course a wonderful quality and man does not lose this creative ability when he becomes detached from GOD. But he uses it to invent bad things. And where Father-GOD is missing, the basis for healthy respect for parents also disappears. Popularly summarized: without GOD everything goes down the tubes …