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Romans 1:26– Dishonorable passions

13-08-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Therefore God gives them over to dishonorable passions. For their females, besides, alter the natural use into that which is beside nature.

The “therefore” with which this verse begins, should not escape us. For it means that the alteration “of the natural use” mentioned here is the result of the replacement of the truth in the lie, that is, worshiping the creature at the level of the Creator (: 25). Where the world darkens the difference between Creator creation (: 21), the view of the difference between masculine and feminine automatically disappears. The passions remain and the sexual drive does not diminish. But the honor disappears. Sex becomes flat entertainment, without reference to the Creator and the spawning of new life. Hence “ dishonorable passions”.

Passions and sexual drive are natural. Conceived by the Creator Himself. From a biological point of view, sexuality is designed for reproduction. Since we are impermanent and mortal as creatures, we live through procreation into the next generation. Reproduction is therefore a representation of the victory over death! The man brings forth new life through resurrection (erection), which then becomes full-term in the woman. Here is the fate of creation: in joyful expectation (Rom.8: 22)!