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Romans 1:14 – A debtor to all

23-07-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

To both Greeks and barbarians, to both wise and foolish, a debtor am I. Thus this eagerness of mine to bring the evangel to you also, who are in Rome.

Paul’s apostleship and ministry to herald “the Evangel of GOD” among all nations, he calls “grace” (: 5). It is an excellent privilege. For what could be better than to make known the whole world by saying that “the living GOD is the Savior of all people, especially of believers” ?! At the same time, Paul also considers this declaration to be a debt he owes to all people. Everyone should know. In fact, every person has the right to demand that of him. That is what the word “debtor” means.

The word “debtor” has a negative sound with us. Because whoever is at fault is usually short. Suppose I owe someone a hundred euros and I pay my debt eventually, then the other person is a hundred euros richer and I myself have become a hundred euros poorer. Whoever pays off debt loses capital. But how different it is to be a debtor of the Evangel! When I pass on the Good Message to another person, I have not become poorer, but the other has been made richer! Sharing the Good Message means multiplying!