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Romans 11:27 – A new covenant

29-10-2021 - Posted by Hans

And this is My covenant with them whenever I should be eliminating their sins

In this verse, Paul mainly refers to Isaiah 59:21, as he referred to Isaiah 59:20 in the preceding verse. It is not a literal quote but more of a reference, as it refers to other prophecies, such as Isaiah 27:9 which also speaks of the elimination of Jacob’s sin. That “eliminating sins” means much more than that the sins of the past are no longer remembered. It means that the people are being delivered from sin now – they commit sin no more!

When Israel really gets to know her God, they will also start to serve Him. One of the features of “the new covenant” as announced by the prophets is that God will write his law in the hearts of his people (Jer.31:33,34). It will no longer be an imposed law that weighs on the shoulders, but education (= torah) that resonates in the heart. People will love the words of God will not be wanting to do anything else but to listen to them.

Above all, “the new covenant” is unconditional. God demands nothing, but He gives everything.  like “I will” sounds up to seven times. That is precisely why Israel will love her God wholeheartedly!