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Romans 11:26 – Jacob becomes Israel

20-10-2021 - Posted by Hans

And thus all Israel shall be saved, according as it is written, Arriving out of Zion shall be the Rescuer. He will be turning away irreverence from Jacob.

The Redeemer or Rescuer will come to Zion in the future and then go out of Zion to the Bozra. Paul refers here (“according as it is written”) to Isaiah 59:20 where in Hebrew it speaks of the “Goel”, that is, the Redeemer who as a kinsman redeems the lost estate of the family (Lev.25:25). That is exactly what the Messiah (as a close relative) will soon do for his people. He will redeem his people and give them back ‘the promised land.’

Not only ’the promised land’ is being bought back for the people. The people themselves are also being transformed. For the Redeemer will turn away “the irreverence of Jacob.” The name Jacob is a model for the deceiver who had to flee abroad but receives the honorary name Israel on his return to the country. The converted Jacob (by the river Jabbok – also a reversal!) becomes Israel by seeing the face of God – Penuel (Gen.32:28). From that moment on, Jacob is no longer the same. It is very telling that it is mentioned: “and the sun rose on him” (Gen.32:31). Then Jacob’s night is over!