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Romans 11:10– Darkened eyes

31-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

And David is saying, Let their table become a trap and a mesh and a snare and a repayment to them. Darkened be their eyes, not to be observing, And their backs bow together continually.

Psalm 69 (verse 22, 23) prophetically describes the situation after Israel rejected her Messiah. A fatal fate awaited her meeting place around the altar (“their table”). This was fulfilled in the year 70 AD, when Jerusalem and the temple were completely destroyed.

To this day the people of Israel are blind to their Messiah because “their eyes are darkened”. This is aptly illustrated in Elymas, the Jewish magician (Acts 13:6) who was also blinded by the fact that at Paul’s command, “the hand of the Lord” turned against him. Elymas would see no more “until the appointed time.” It is precisely on that occasion that Saul becomes Paul and is given the name of the first ‘pure Gentile’ to hear the word of God: the governor Sergius Paulus.

The history in Acts 13 is a model for the present. The message of ‘salvation for free’ is going to the nations as the Jewish people are temporarily set aside in jealous blindness re and with a hunched back. That’s how it had to go.