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Romans 10:6 – A significant citation

09-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

Yet the righteousness of faith is saying thus: You may not be saying in your heart, who will be ascending into heaven? – that is , to be leading Christ down –

The name Moses is exemplary for the law and the old covenant. With the guiding principle: “do this and you will live”. Nevertheless, Moses also speaks of “righteousness of faith”. Paul freely quotes here and in the following verses from Deutronomy 30:11-14. The context from which he quotes is to-the-point and revealing.

Prior to Deuteronomy 30, it is foretold how the nation of Israel would be scattered among the nations because of unbelief. To conclude with the cryptic statement that the hidden things are not for them (29:29). Chapter 30 is then the big turning point. For there it is foretold that the people abroad would repent (30:1) and that the Lord would return to them (30:3) to gather them back to the land. Their hearts would be “circumcised” (30:6), that is, the covering on their hearts would be removed.

In short, Deuteronomy 30 is a description of the promised future restoration of Israel, with the Messiah in their midst. He is the purpose and fulfillment of the law. Not far away in heaven, but alive among them!