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Romans 10:21 – A stubborn and contradicting people

31-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

Now to Israel He is saying, The whole day I spread out My hands to a stubborn and contradicting people!

In the preceding verse, Paul quoted Isaiah 65:1 and here Isaiah 65:2. On the one hand, God is found by those who do not seek Him, while, on the other hand, a people with whom He constantly interferes is stubborn and contradictory. Why the difference?

The answer is now clear. The people are unruly and contradictory because they think to be wise and better themselves. Because of that attitude, the word of God does not enter her. Because why should people still listen, if they already know. And certainly don’t listen to an “unintelligent nation” (:19).

But God deliberately confronts a conceited Israel with ‘foolishness.’ Through a ‘nation’ that has no history of God’s revelation. Through a ‘nation’ that never showed religious zeal either. But it is precisely through them that God has something to say to the people of Israel. The essence of what God is about. Of His righteousness. OF His mercy. That He spread out His hands to them all day long. But that message is unpalatable to this day. Because it sets aside all own work.