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Romans 10:20 – Found by those who are not seeking Me

31-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

Yet Isaiah is very daring and is saying, I was found by those who are not seeking Me; I became disclosed to those who are not inquiring for Me.

Has Israel perhaps not known or understood the message?, was the question (:19). Yes, Paul argues, for even a “unintelligent nation” understood it. In fact, that is what makes Israel so angry and jealous of them. This phenomenon had already been foretold by Moses.

But Isaiah also dared to say that God allows himself to be found by those who did not search for Him and makes Himself known to those who did not ask for Him (65:1). Understanding the Evangel is not a matter of intelligence or education, as even an “unintelligent nation” can understand it. But it is also not decisive whether a person seeks God and asks for Him.

The common thread running through this letter is the truth that human achievement and diligence (“work”) for God bear no weight at all. Everything depends on God who does justice to what He promises. He takes care. He has a comprehensive plan and He is working it out without any help from human hands. He seeks… and He finds. So that all boasting is excluded.