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Romans 10:17 – Faith is out of tidings.

31-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

Consequently, faith is out of tidings, yet the tidings through a declaration of Christ.

From the two quotes from resp. Isaiah 52 and 53 it may be clear that faith comes from the message that is heard. The ears are the primary organ through which the message is received. This is admittedly not a law of the Medes and Persians, nor is it exclusive. After all, it also happens that the message is ‘read’ and faith is awakened in that way. But the common route is that of the spoken word entering through the ear. That is not only the way in which faith is aroused, but also how faith is built up.

“Hearing” may in practice be broader than what comes in through the ears, but it is by definition verbal. It refers to words, statements and text. Text that is in black and white must also be sounded. Remarkably, the Hebrew word for ‘read’ (kara) is the same as the word for ‘call upon.’ The idea of ​​reading is therefore always ‘reading aloud’ (cf. Acts 8:30), so that the word is heard. That which Christ has to say would be heard. Faith is not focused on seeing, but on hearing!