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Romans 10:12 – Lord of All

31-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

…Everyone who is believing on Him shall not be disgraced. For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same One is Lord of all, being rich for all who are invoking Him.

The truth that whoever believes will not be disgraced has universal validity. It is not limited in time or place, nor limited to any nation. Sure, God has a distinct plan for the Jewish people, but when it comes to salvation, descent doesn’t matter. For whoever you are, “everyone who is believing on Him shall not be disgraced”.

The reason why in the Evangel as Paul proclaimed it among the nations, no distinction is made between Jew and Greek is because one and “the same is Lord of all.” Not just Lord above or over all but “of all”. That means: every human child belongs to Him. The message is therefore: Jesus is your Lord (and Saviour), believe that. The churches have reversed that: if you repent, Jesus becomes your Lord. Thus grace is made dependent on a human choice and that is downright false. The Evangel is a message: Jesus (=YAHWEH is Saviour) is Lord of all. That’s not an offer, it’s a statement!