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Revelation 1:10 –   Time travel

09-06-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

I came to be, in spirit, in the Lord’s day…

Time travel is a rewarding subject in science fiction. Travel to a random time in the past using a time machine. Or in the future. Imagine taking a look at the world around the beginning of our era. Or to see how this world will be in a thousand years. If only that were possible …

Johannes has experienced something similar. While on the island of Patmos, he entered “the Lord’s day”, not physically, but “in spirit.” It is traditionally interpreted as if John had this vision on a Sunday. But nowhere in Scripture is Sunday called ‘the Lord’s day.’ By default, “the day of the Lord” is the term referring to the period when the Lord will be revealed in this world. And that is exactly the title of John’s book: “the unveiling of Jesus Christ”.

John was transported into that future day to see and hear what will take place there. And to record that as an eyewitness. The last bible book is a message from the future!