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Colossians 3:19 –   Love the wife

09-06-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Husbands, love your own wives and be not bitter toward them.

In this section, Paul shows what grace and gratitude work out in the home. Depending on the position one takes there. The husband has the task of loving his wife. The word for love here is ‘agape’ – that is love that has no conditions. It does not say that the husband would love his attractive wife. Or his submissive wife. Or his lovable wife. Or his uncomplicated wife. No, just: his wife. Because it’s his wife. They are connected together for life.

The instruction of love is directly linked to being “not bitter” toward her. Apparently this is the biggest obstacle for the man. Anyone who is bitter is so disappointed by experience that one no longer expects anything. Anyone who is bitter is already negative in advance. It is a deadly attitude in any relationship.

Paul started his instructions with gratitude in everything (3:17). That is the basis. The man who is allowed to understand this will thank GOD daily for his wife. In advance. And that attitude also allows him to love her. Without bitterness.