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Psalm 4:9 – The ultimate sleep medication 

18-12-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Do let me lie down and sleep in peace at once for You, O Yahweh, alone are causing me to dwell in serenity.

Some circumstances call for action. For example, when it is in our ability to help someone else. But how often does it happen that human arms are just too short. We might want to, but we can’t do anything.

It is in such circumstances that it makes all the difference in the world to know the GOD. Someone who holds everything in his hand. Without GOD you may be able to acquiesce in fate. Realizing that nothing can be done about it. That despite all good intentions, our attempts are doomed. To rest in that is only negative. Fatalism. It is miles away from deep peace and trust.

Peace and trust are based on the realization that everything, no matter what happens, is under perfect control. That nothing happens for nothing. And that the One who holds the whole world, including my little life, in his mighty hand, makes no mistakes. Ever. And that his way is the best. Always! No thought is as calming as this one. You can go to sleep with that. Good night …