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Colossians 1:23 – The expectation of the Evangel

18-12-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Since surely you are persisting in the faith, grounded and settled and are not being removed from the expectation of the Evangel…

The Evangel means Good News. It is a communication from a Divine sender. It does not require a human to do. It is not a collection of commands to be followed. You don’t need rocket science to understand. No, it is exactly what the word says it is: a Good Message!

It is a Good Message because it speaks of a glorious hope. Paul had written about this a few verses earlier (: 20). God is going to reconcile the whole world. However hostile or alienated a creature may be, God’s love, shown “by the blood of the cross,” will reconcile everyone to Himself.

“The expectation of the Evangel” is comprehensive. What Paul insists on is that we should not let ourselves be turned away from this “expectation of the Evangel”. Certainly not an unnecessary warning. Because that is exactly what would take place early in church history. “The expectation of the evangel” was declared the “heresy of the reconciliation of all”. But Paul says: persist in it. Grounded and settled. Just spread the word. Because everyone must know how great God’s love is!