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Psalm 2:4 – celestial amusement 

18-12-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Standing by are the kings of the earth and the chancellors, they are gathered together against YAHWEH and against His Anointed One (…) The One sitting in the heavens, He shall ridicule; YAHWEH, He shall deride them

The situation portrayed in Psalm 2 is, spoken in political terms, extremely serious. World peace is at stake. The scenario takes place in the end time. The united nations have their plans in place, and the kings are setting up their armies against Jerusalem (2: 1-3). The tension on earth is rising. Nervously, one wonders: how will this end?

But in heaven the situation is assessed completely differently. The Lord is not impressed with the intentions of the world leaders. On the contrary, He is amused by it. All the boasting of the hotshots of this world is nothing but a laughable spectacle to Him. They are no match at all for the great Director. After all, He has a plan. His king will rule worldwide from Zion (2: 6).

Anyone who looks at world events from this position takes the daily news with quite some grains of salt. The seriousness with which the world expresses its opinions is downright laughable to GOD. And being informed, we have a hearty laugh with Him! High level humor.