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Proverbs 29:25 – Immune to fear

26-03-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

A man’s overanxiety becomes a trap for him, Yet he who trusts in Yahweh shall be made impregnable.

We have found out what “fear of people” is in recent days. Doomsday scenarios about a virus that is circulation and within a few months would cause tens of thousands of deaths in our country. Not that they are sure, they are forecasts. But if enough people with titles in front of their names express such expectations, then the fear is soon there. And panic spreads much faster than a flu virus. Especially at a time with mass media such as TV, internet and social media. Fear goes viral in no time. It is a fear that can capture and paralyze even an entire society like a in trap.

In contrast to this “fear of people” (not just fear for people) there is confidence in YAHWEH. That is “the one GOD,” the Creator of all things who controls the whole world, down to the smallest detail. With Whom nothing goes wrong and Who gives everything and everyone a place in his plan. Without fail. Whoever trusts in this GOD will therefore never be ashamed. Is untouchable. Immune to the virus of fear. And the vaccine (trust) is for free!