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2 Peter 1:20 – Not its own explanation

26-03-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of scripture at all is becoming its own explanation. For not by the will of man was prophecy carried on at any time…

Peter describes that the (confirmed) prophetic word is like a lamp shining in a dark place. That is, for those who know that no prophecy of Scripture has its own interpretation. The words of the prophets (and those of the scriptures in general) are one inseparable whole. One prophecy of the Scriptures can only be understood in connection with other prophecies. No prophecy of Scripture has its own interpretation because prophecies explain each other!

Prophecies and Scriptures (Bible books) are not independent, self-contained documents. The books were indeed created over many centuries, in many places and written by many an author. But the fact that all these books form a whole as puzzle pieces, proves that there is one Thinker behind it. It is the unity of the Bible that proves its Divine origin. A man could never produce this. Just as a person is also unable to foretell (= prophesy). Only GOD oversees the times and knows the outcome beforehand. This is the Divine quality mark of the Scriptures!