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Ecclesiastes 3:2 – All in due time

26-03-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

A season to give birth and a season to die…

Ecclesiastes 3 lists fourteen contrasts that are familiar to us. For example, there was once the day when we came into the world. We know that date and we are reminded of it every year. But as certain as that birthday is, it is also certain that there will be a day when we have to say goodbye. The difference is that, however crucial, we don’t know that date.

What is stated in Ecclesiastes 3 is that for everything under heaven there is a stated time (: 1). And that GOD made everything exquisite in time (: 11). All those contrasts, of war and peace, of crying and laughing, and so on, have meaning, because GOD is the Placer of them. So never in vain. And all at his time.

How short is just the time span between our birthday and death !? The Bible compares it to a vapor and elsewhere to a passing shadow. We have been taken out of soil and return to the soil. But that is not an ‘end of story’. GOD searches again for what has passed (3:15). So: to be continued! He will revive the dead. And the best … He saves for last!