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Philippians 4:6 – Untroubled

03-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Do not worry about anything…

For many, the above encouragement is just a saying. A nice slogan, but far from reality. Because how can you be carefree when so much comes your way? Indeed, if you interpret this carefree as an assignment, it even works counterproductive: you try to be carefree, but because you do not succeed, you have received another concern. You were already worried, and now you are also worried because you shouldn’t be.

But the call “do not worry about anything” is not a commandment to comply with. Also no program or part of a step-by-step plan. On the contrary, it reminds us of a guarantee. For we have a LORD whose property we are: a reason to rejoice (: 4)! Because it means that we are His and therefore He cares for us and gives everything we need (: 19). We may think we know what’s good for us, but his way is the best! Concerns about things beyond our control disappear as soon as we realize that all this is his concern. Not mine. No reason to lie awake about that! What a rest!