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Proverbs 20:12 – Ear and eye

12-05-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

The hearing ear and the seeing eye – YAHWEH has made them both.

How can I see and hear things? Should I consider that a credit? Is the fact that a blind person cannot see anything to be blamed on him or her? Or could a deaf person do something about it that he doesn’t hear? The thought alone is too foolish for words. It is presumptuous and also stupid pride. Because no one made themselves. The ability to hear and see is mere gift. It is a privilege, not a merit. And it is the Creator who gives us these capabilities.

But what is physically undisputed is no less true spiritually. If I may understand the truth, it is because YAHWEH has given me an ear for it. And if I may see the meaning of Scripture, it is because God has illuminated my eyes for it (Luke 24:31, 45).

We read of Lydia the purple saleswoman, that she listened to what Paul had to say (Acts 16:14). Why? God had opened her heart to it. Own fame because of our “understanding” and “insight” is completely misplaced. All credit is to Him who gave us ears and eyes for that!