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Proverbs 17:20 –  Even if the lie is so fast…

24-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

A perverse heart does not find good, And he who is warped in his tongue falls into evil.

A characteristic of Hebrew poetry is that two sentences are parallel. The above verse is an illustration of this. “A perverse heart” corresponds to “he who is warped in his tongue.” He who twists things in his heart is the same as the one who turns things around with his tongue. That’s what a lie is: a twisted truth.

Speaking the truth is, by definition, simple. You just tell how it is. Lying, on the other hand, is very complex. Because whoever twists one thing must also twist other things to make it seem right. That is pretty complicated and it obliges you to remember who you lied to. Therefore, whoever lies is always afraid. ‘The lie fears the evidence, because the evidence reveals the truth.’

We live in an eon in which lies reign and truth is held down. Yes, you can. Just like you can keep a football under water. But you have to make an effort for that. It comes up on its own. Likewise the truth. She always comes to light. Even if the lie is so fast…