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Philippians 2:19 –eu psycho

03-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

Now I am expecting, in the Lord Jesus, to send Timothy to you quickly, that I also may be of good cheer when I know of your concerns.

Paul expects to be released soon (2:24) and to visit the Philippians. Before then, however, he wants to send Timothy to the Philippians to learn about their situation so that he can refresh Paul with good news on his return. Paul does not yet know how quickly Timothy can be sent out, because this also depends on his own circumstances (2:23).

We have already noted several times (and we will do so many more times) that this letter is overflowing with joy. It is a constant in Paul’s life. No circumstance can undo that joy. Yet this does not make him insensitive to the well-being of others. We also see that here. Paul is anxious to hear soon how the Philippians are faring. Especially spiritually, “in the Lord Jesus”, as he calls it here. Good news about the Philippians would make him to be of “good cheer.” In Greek it says ‘eu-psycho’, which literally means ‘well-souled’. Precisely a spiritual orientation is the best thing that can happen to the soul (psyche)!