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Philippians 2:20,21 – concerned and concerned is two

03-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

For I  have no one equally sensitive who will be so genuinely solicitous of your concerns, for all are seeking that which is their own, not that which is Christ Jesus’.

Paul plays with the word “soul” in these verses. In verse 19 he expresses the hope that Timothy would make him ‘well souled’ (Gr. eu-psycho) with the messages from Philippi. Here, in verse 20, he reports that Timothy is “equally sensitive” (Gr.iso-psychon) as he is in his sincere concern for the Philippians. Enough candidates to get involved with them, but Paul knew only one candidate who, like himself, had only the interests of Christ Jesus in mind for them. No co-worker he could rely on like Timothy and who was so involved in the spiritual well-being of the Philippians.

The word ‘concerned’ appears twice in this letter. In chapter 4 verse 6 we read that we should not be concerned about anything. But here Timothy is praised for being solicitous of the concerns of the Philippians. That seems contradictory, but that’s because “concerned” and “concerned” are two. Negative becomes where we worry . Such worries rob our own inner peace. But it is positive to take care . Such concerns promote the well-being of the other!