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Philippians 2:18 –rejoicing and rejoicing together

03-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

But even if I am a libation on the sacrifice and ministration of your faith, I am rejoicing myself and rejoicing together with you all. Now to be mutual, you also be rejoicing, and be rejoicing together with me.

How wonderful it is that this Philippi letter did not fall from heaven! In that case, we could (more or less rightly) say that the emphasis on happiness is a bit too easy. For joy may be self-evident in heavenly glory, but in difficult, painful and complex earthly circumstances such a mood is much less obvious…

The fact is, however, that this letter was written by a man who has endured numerous persecutions and has long been unjustly imprisoned. That is precisely what makes the joy that Paul constantly mentions in this letter so powerful and convincing! Joy is of a totally different order than pleasure. Because pleasure is superficial entertainment, derived from (and therefore also dependent on) the pleasant circumstances in which one finds oneself.

True joy is joy that is constant and does not disappear even through tears and pain. This joy is based on the knowledge that everything is under control and in good hands. GOD’S way is the best! All the time!