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our choice or election?

02-12-2011 - Posted by Andre Piet

QUESTION: In a study meeting, it was claimed that 1Thessalonians 1:4, according to the original text, is not about election, but about our choice. Is that correct?

ANSWER: In 1Thes.1:4, we read:

having perceived, brethren beloved by God, your choice, (CLV)

Looking at the text more closely, we see that it literally speaks of ‘the choice of you” or of “the election of you”. That makes quite a difference in meaning, of course. What is it now? The concordance provides help. It shows that the Greek word “ekloge” (Strong’s No.1589) is seven times used in the New Testament and is ALWAYS about the “election” in which God is the One Who does the choosing. Let’s check it out: Hand.9:15 Saul, a chosen instrument Rom.9:11 God’s election of Jacob Rom.11:5 the election of grace Rom.11:7 the chosen remnant Rom.11:28 according to the election, they are beloved 1Thes.1:4 your choice [of God] 1Pet.1:10 to confirm your calling and election Also, the context of 1Thes.1:4 confirms that it is about God’s election and not about their choice. Paul was convinced of the election of the Thessalonians…

for the evangel of our God did not come to you in word only, but in power also, and in holy Spirit and much assurance,… (verse 5)

The power and holy Spirit, in much assurance among them, had become manifest, and proved that it was all Gód’s work. GOD had chosen them, and by His powerful Word, He had convinced them!

——————————— translation: Peter Feddema