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GoedBericht on FaceBook

01-12-2011 - Posted by Andre Piet

One of the most famous social media, right now, is Facebook. As of now, on this medium, is a page created under the title, GoedBericht. Also, in the menu of the front page, have I posted a link to it. Years ago, at various times, I have had a very active discussion forum on my site, but had to finally stop it for a variety of reasons. That does not mean that there are not many people who would like to discuss specific items in connection with ‘GoedBericht’ (the Good News). That possibility has been made possible, again, as of now! If you do have an account on FaceBook, you will be able to react and participate. And if you haven’t an account, you can easily get one, within a few minutes. ‘FaceBook-GoedBericht’ is planned to be a meeting place around the Good News, as we have heard it from Paul, the Apostle of the Nations. You are very welcome and feel free to leave a message.