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oldest story found about Adam?

19-05-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

image5 This week, the following message appeared in the press:

‘Oldest story found about Adam’ KAMPEN – Two Bible Scientists claim to have discovered the oldest story of the “Fall of Adam into sin.” ‘Based on the multitude of data, we are pretty sure that this is a complete myth and that it is older than the Biblical story.’ On two clay tablets, out of the 13th century before Christ, is allegedly, found the oldest story about creation, paradise and the ‘fall’. This is postulated by Marjo Korpel and John de Moor, old testament scholars of the Protestant theological University.Of the creation story of Genesis 1, parallel accounts were already known, but not of Genesis 2 and 3, in which paradise and the ‘fall into sin’ are written. Yesterday, Korpel presented the findings in Kampen to fellow Old Testament scholars.

One of these scientists, Marjo Korpel, explained in an interview:

The Uggaritic clay tablets date back to the thirteenth century BC. The Bible texts of Genesis are believed to have been written in the fifth century before Christ.

Here comes the cat out of the bag. Marjo Korpel has accepted the erroneous assumption that Genesis was written in the fifth century BC. She negates that Genesis is one of the books of Moses, as Scripture itself testifies (Luke 24:27). But that’s not all. Moses (± 15 centuries BC.) may have compiled and edited the book of Genesis, nevertheless, the original texts go back much further. Genesis is a compilation of “toledoth”, i.e. registrations recorded by the patriarchs themselves. Genesis is an eyewitness account! The first chapters of Genesis are chronicled by Adam, as Genesis 5:1 says:

This (i.e. the above) is the book of toledoth of Adam

The first chapters of Genesis are not pre-history. It tells not only about Adam, no, it is the historical record of Adam, about six thousand years ago. The Ugaritic clay tablets, which now have come into focus, without a doubt, are myths; edited and distorted over thousands of years. How much better it is, therefore, to orient oneself on the first eyewitness report, available in the Scriptures, rather than on these myths (cp 2Tim.4 4) wrapped up in “false, so called science” (1Tim.6:20).