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Hypocrisy #2: God the Son

22-05-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

images8 Scripture is clear: there is “one God, the Father” (1Cor. 8: 6; Eph.4: 6). Dozens of times the Scripture speaks about “God the Father”. And likewise, that Jesus Christ is “the Son of God”; that is to say, begotten by God Himself (Luke 1:35). But with the introduction, early in church history, of a disguised polytheism (= three persons are God), “the Son of God” became “God the Son”. The doctrine of the Trinity and the doctrine of “God the Son” go hand in hand. The formula “God the Son” is an undeniable distortion of Scripture. Never do we meet that expression in God’s word. Moreover, if He is “God the Son”, then it is impossible for Him to be “the Son of God”. How could “God the Son”ever be dependent? A man who could say, “not my will, but Thine, be done” (Luke 22:42)? A man who grew up in knowledge and wisdom (Luke 2:52)? Who did not know certain things (Matt.24:36)? And a man who could die? Did God die on a cross? Was God dead for three days? And if Jesus was God, Himself, why did He have to be raised by His Father (Rom.6:4)? The Scripture says:

For there is ONE GOD, and ONE MEDIATOR of God and mankind, a Man, Christ Jesus… -1Timothy 2:5-

The assertion that Jesus is God, robs us, automatically, of our mediator. For not God, but a man died and a man was raised from the dead. How can anyone sincerely confess that God raised Jesus from the dead, if this Jesus would be God Himself (Rom.10:9)? “The man Christ Jesus” is unique because He is the one mediator of God and mankind. He is the word that became flesh (John 1:14) through whom the entire creation came into being (John 1:3). He is also the IMAGE of the invisible God (Col.1:15), so that whoever sees Him, sees the Father (John 14:9). Speaking metaphorically, the Son, indeed, is God, for the invisible God reveals Himself through Him. If YAHWEH will appear on the Mount of Olives (Zech.14: 4) in the future, then that is the Lord Jesus Christ, who represents Him (Acts 1:11). One day, the Son, after He has abolished death (= made all ​​alive beyond the reach of death), will abdicate and hand over to His God and Father a perfected Kingdom (1Cor.15:26-28). Behold, the glory of the Son! Never is anything about Himself, but, exclusively, all is about the one and only God and Father (John 8:49,50). No greater dishonour can be given the Son, than to “promote” Him to “God the Son”. The glory of the Son is explicitly this that He never directs attention to Himself, but to His God and Father. Precisely because of this disposition, God the Father exalts Him and gives Him a name above every name, that at the name of Jesus (= YAHWEH saves!) every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord (Phil.2:9 -11). To the glory of Jesus? No, TO GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER!!