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Hypocrisy #1: the trinity

19-05-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

images20 No truth in Scripture is more fundamental than that there is ONE GOD. When Jesus was asked by a scribe which is the first commandment of all (Mark 12:28),He referred, without hesitation, to the ‘Shema’ in Deut.6: “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one “. To this, the scribe responded:

In truth, Teacher, THOU sayest ideally that HE is One, and there is no other more than HE.

Jesus prayed to His heavenly Father, and addressed Him as, “the only true God” (John 17:3). For a Jew there is no more obvious, simpler and more important truth, given, than that “there is one God, the Father” (1Cor.8:6). There were deceptive, lying spirits needed to cause Christendom to deviate from this simple truth. Already, early in church history, did polytheism subtly make its entry. Not only would the Father be called God, but also the Son and the Holy Spirit. After a lot of arguing, the doctrine of the trinity was, finally, imposed as dogma, in the fourth century, and the doctrine of pure monotheism (mono theoo; 1 Timothy 1.1:17) was declared a heresy, which, if believed, results in eternal damnation (more on that later). The phrase, “one God”, remained intact, although it now refers to three persons. To the average outsider the doctrine of the trinity is disguised polytheism. A Jew or Muslim can not see it as being anything else. And rightly so. Mystification ensures that Christians cannot see through this, because the doctrine of the trinity is considered an untouchable and incomprehensible mystery. It defines the trinity as “one being and three persons.” This formulation is not only completely foreign to Scripture (consequently, not made up of “sound words” – 2Tim.1:13), but also is meaningless, because no theologian can even begin to explain what this man-invented definition means! That God is one and unique, is obvious and clear. That’s monotheism. The idea that three persons each are god, is understandable. That is polytheism. But to allege that three persons are God, and yet not three Gods, is hypocritical. It is camouflaged polytheism. Make no mistake: this dogma of the Trinity is the most important tenet of orthodox Christianity; from Roman Catholic to Calvinist, from Greek Orthodox to evangelical or charismatic. All endorse the trinity as being the first and weightiest of doctrines. Those who do not bow down to this dogma, can not be a Christian and be saved, assures the Athanasian Creed. However baffling it may be for many, but the doctrine of the trinity makes Christianity a religion that is further removed from “the only true God” than Judaism and Islam …