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Numbers 23:19 – Never regret 

14-10-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

El is not a man that He should lie. Or a son of humanity that He should feel regret. Does He say it and then not do it or speak and then not carry it out?

Balaam had been hired as a magician by Balak king of Moab to curse the people of Israel. But GOD had other plans. Balaam would be used to be GOD’S prophet. We read that GOD put a word in Balaam’s mouth (23:16). And that meant that Balaam had no choice but to bless the people of Israel. Balaam had previously found that GOD is also able to use a dumb and reluctant donkey to transmit his word.

GOD is not on a human level. Nor does he allow himself to be hindered by the unwillingness of a person. He is GOD and therefore He disposes of everything and everyone. GOD oversees the times and nothing happens without Him. Therefore it is out of the question that He would be mistaken or feel regret. Insofar as we already read in a certain context that GOD comes back from something, it is “humanly speaking”. But GOD is not human. What He says is true and He always proves it to be true