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Luke 11:2 – Our Father…

07-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now He said to them, “Whenever you may be praying, be saying, Our Father, Who art in the heavens….

The famous “our Father” is a prayer that Jesus taught his disciples after they asked him, Lord, teach us to pray. Not as a form prayer to recite on every occasion, but as an example prayer. Remember that Jesus addressed his teaching exclusively to Israel. Expecting “Thy kingdom come.” With the view that God’s will would be done on earth. Before that there would be great tribulation and the daily bread uncertain. The prayer “give us our daily dole of bread” will then be highly topical.

As much as we as believers from the nations can now learn from Jesus’ teaching, it is addressed to Israel. It was written for us, but not to us. We must never forget that. Jesus once said that it is not good to throw the children’s bread to the dogs (Mat.15: 26). I.e. his teaching is for the children of Israel, not for the nations. To reach and teach the nations, God chose Paul. There is a designated place and time for everything in the Scriptures.