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Proverbs 15:30 – The best health advice…

07-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

The luminosity of the eyes rejoices the heart; A good report confers richness on the bones.

Every doctor knows the placebo effect. That is the healing effect that occurs simply through trust. Either in the doctor, in treatment or in the drug. But the reverse also exists: the nocebo effect. People can get sick of a threatening message. Nothing that affects the human immune system as much as stress. For example, through fear of illness. Or by panic that is effectively sown through the media. It undermines the immune system.

Just as shining eyes make the heart rejoice, so good news refreshes the bones, says Solomon. Well, the Gospel as Paul was allowed to preach it among the nations is such a good report. No, it does not guarantee health, as many preachers would have us believe. Those are charlatans. Because such guarantees belong to the Gospel of the Kingdom that will soon be preached worldwide through Israel.

The good message that Paul preached does not guarantee a healthy body. But make no mistake: nothing is as healthy as the right message. It is therefore also called “sound teaching” (1Tim.1: 10) and they are “sound words” (2Tim.1: 13). Do you want immunity? Turn off the TV and tune in to what GOD has to say!