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Leviticus 23:6 – 15th of Nisan

24-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

And on the fifteenth day of this month is the festival of unleavened bread to YAHWEH. Seven days (…) On the first day you shall come to have a holy meeting, when you shall do no occupational work at all.

After the day that Passover is slaughtered, the feast of the unleavened begins. That is exactly mid-month, and with a lunar calendar that coincides by definition with a full moon. April 9th, 2020 it was Nisan the 15th and thus the official start of the festival of Pesach(Passover). In practice, this day is experienced as a Sabbath, as no form of occupational work is performed. Regardless of which weekday this fifteenth of the month falls.

We saw yesterday that Nisan the 14th is the date that Jesus was crucified and died in mid-afternoon. Then, under time pressure, he was taken from the cross, laid down and embalmed according to Jewish custom, and placed in a nearby tomb around sunset. Then the fifteenth of Nisan arrived. A day without service and just rest. From this day one celebrates seven days in which there is no place for sourdough, a type of spoilage (> sour). How special that this date was also Jesus’ first day in the tomb. Yes, it is finished!