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John 6:66 – Not popular

24-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

And he said, “Therefore have I declared to you that no one can be coming to Me if it should not be given him of the Father”. At this, then, many of His disciples came away dropping behind and walked no longer with Him.

Jesus had just pressed for a confrontation in the synagogue. Matters were deliberately formulated in such a way that only the good listener would understand. Many of his disciples now dropped out. The repetition that no one can come to Him unless the Father draws him was the drop causing the bucket to overflow.

The message that GOD is absolutely sovereign and that faith is a gift is not popular. It means that “the flesh is of no use” (6:63). That there is nothing to boast in the fact that you may know and serve God. Whoever thinks that there is something added by a human, does not know GOD. Because all boasting is excluded.

The message of GOD’s sovereignty is at the heart of what the Bible teaches us. All is out of GOD. All also exists through GOD. It is under his direction. And therefore all is also to GOD. GOD’s sovereignty is therefore the guarantee that everything will turn out well! No one can subtract or add to that. Here you are!