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Isaiah 40:23 – The rulers of the earth

24-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

It is He Who is bringing chancellors to nothing; Judges of the earth He makes to be like chaos.

Isaiah 40 sings the superlative glory of the Creator of heaven and earth. Peoples are considered as a drop on a bucket and as a dust on a scale (40:15). Their rulers also never become more than they are: dust, taken from the earth and turning back to the earth.

The rulers of the earth can only rule because GOD grants them that place. As long as it lasts. Above all, they shouldn’t imagine anything. In the above verse it is said that GOD “makes the judges as chaos”. The Hebrew word ‘tohoe’ is used for this, a word that recalls the chaotic primeval sea of ​​Genesis 1 verse 2: desolate and empty (tohoe wabohoe).

As much as the rulers of the earth are bent on controlling everything and creating order in the world, they will not succeed. This eon is not designed for that. Hence GOD “makes the judges to be like chaos”. The higher the ideology, the greater the disillusionment. Peace and justice are established in the coming eon. Not by human hands, but by that one Man who GOD himself appointed for that purpose.