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Job 31:4 – God numbers

24-05-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Does He not see my ways and number all my steps?

GOD, the Creator of all things, shows a phenomenal mathematical insight in all his creations. Everything is calculated. Think of the recurring structures that we see in a honeycomb. Or in the leaf of a tree. Or in a flower. Or in the construction of the DNA. Or in the eye of a fly. And so on.

We read from GOD that He has counted all stars and also calls them by name (Ps. 147: 4). But He also counted all the hairs on my head (Mat.10: 30). No detail ever escapes his eye. Nothing is too big for Him, nor is anything too small for Him. He sees the ways I go, but He also oversees them. In fact, it counts all the steps I take!

Our life often seems like the bottom of an embroidery. A chaos. But that is only viewed from below. It is a distorted picture. Because when viewed from above, it is pure design. GOD calculates and counts. And everything counts for Him too. Because nothing happens in vain. To realize that, is the peace of GOD, which is beyond all understanding!