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Psalm 136:1 – For his benignity

24-05-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Give acclamation to YAHWEH, for He is good, For His benignity is eonian

Psalm 136 contains twenty-six verses where the name of YAHWEH is sung, each time with the chorus: “for his benignity (kindness) is eonian.” “Eonian”, or as the Hebrew says “le olam”. ‘Olam’ is related to a verb meaning ‘to hide’. ‘Olam’ refers to a time when the boundary is hidden and not seen. It is immense.

The motive of God’s loving-kindness is reflected in all his actions in this psalm. From the creation of the sun, moon and stars to the exodus from Egypt. But also in his miracles in the desert and the allotment He would give His people in the land. Psalm 136 describes many highlights from Genesis 1 to the days of Moses. Remarkable: these are twenty– generations. But it is also twentysix centuries. six

God made known his name to Moses: YAHWEH. A name that also contains the number twenty-six. Because it is the sum of four letters that are also four numbers: Jod (= 10), Hé (= 5), Wav (= 6), Hé (= 5). God’s name is wonderful! That is why this psalm sings twenty-six times: “for his kindness is eonian!”