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‘GoedBericht.nl preaches heresy’

28-11-2011 - Posted by Andre Piet

A few weeks ago, I was alerted to a letter to the magazine program: Visie” of the Evangelical Broadcast (EO), in which was published the following tip:

Tip In response to the article on coping with grief (Visie 40), I would like to draw the attention of Vision readers to the following Internet sites: GoedBericht.nl and Godswoordcentraal.nl. On these sites, the hope of the Evangel – the good news of God’s salvation to all men, each in his own order – comes to its full right. This will be to the honor and glory of God our Father and to that of the Lord Jesus Christ. L.A. de Geus, former Beijerland

That the EO placed this tip in her magazine, frankly speaking, surprised me a bit. A reaction was difficult to avoid. And yes, this week, in the same program paper a fierce reaction was printed:

Misleading I wish to comment on the letter to the L.A. Geus (Vision 45). In it publicity is given to the doctrine of universal reconciliation, by referring to the websites of GoedBericht.nl and of Godswoordcentraal.nl. These sites are very misleading, where heresy is preached. It looks very nice, but in reality it is said that everyone will go to heaven, because God is love and He will not let anyone get lost. Even satan can get to heaven. The Bible is cut and pasted to make a beautiful story out of it. However, if you touch the foundation of God’s salvation plan, you cause Jesus to look ridiculous. These sites allow a cancerous tumor to grow, until it can not be removed anymore and people are being dragged into eternal destruction. George Jean Stavorinus Jongedijk, Triemen

“Misleading”, “heresy”, “the Bible is cut and pasted”, “cancerous tumor” “people are being dragged into eternal destruction.” What especially caught my attention is the following sentence:

The Bible is cut and pasted to make a beautiful story out of it.

From this, I conclude that the letter writer, evidently, does not consider the Bible to be a beautiful story. This shows, because for him God’s love is no guarantee that the lost are sought and found. Neither does he know the foundation of God’s salvation plan, namely, that the ransom was paid for all. How tragic, that under the guise of “evangel” he preaches a terrible message; how he makes of God a tin-pot deity, who is unable to do what he wants, namely, that all men are to be saved; and how the Name above every name, Jesus (which means YAHWEH is Savior), he ridicules by humiliating Him to a loser. It is hoped that the letter writer, by warning people for GoedBericht.nl, among others, is making them very curious, and in that way, is directing them onto the proper track. ——————————— translation: Peter Feddema