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Galatians 3:5 – By the hearing

04-07-2022 - Posted by Hans

He, then, who is supplying you with the spirit, and operating works of power among you – did you get the spirit by works of law or by the hearing of faith?

The questions Paul poses from verse 1 all refer to the experiences of his direct readers. They could answer them. With the last question Paul comes back to “the Spirit” about which he already wrote in verse 2. Only there it was about the Spirit that the Galatians once received at the beginning when they became believers, while here it is about the influence of the Spirit in the present tense.

Only One is able to impart the Spirit and work the powers witnessed in Galatia. Since this letter was written in the Acts time, we should certainly also think of the signs and wonders that took place among them (Acts 15:12). Visible manifestations for Israel to see with their own eyes that the message of salvation had been deposited with the nations (Acts 28:26-28).

Among the nations, God worked an unmistakable work…in a “heathen” way. Completely outside “works of law”. And no one could deny that it was God who worked that. Only by hearing good news. That is the power of God (Rom.1:16)!