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Galatians 3:29 – Seed of Abraham

05-08-2022 - Posted by Hans

Now if you are Cjhrist’s consequently you are of Abraham’s seed, enjoyers of the allotment according ot the promise.

Earlier in this chapter, Paul had already argued that “the seed of Abraham” is rightfully a singular. In the deepest sense, “the seed” refers to Christ (3:16). But not only that, “the seed” also refers to all who are “in Christ Jesus”. Without using the term “the body of Christ” (as he does elsewhere), this thought is implied here. For Christ is the seed of Abraham and since all believers are included in Him, they too are “therefore seed of Abraham”.

The consequence of being allowed to be part of the “seed of Abraham” is that we also share in what has befallen Abraham. That is what “enjoyers of the allotment” are: people to whom something falls as allotment. Most translations speak of ‘heirs’ which is not quite the same. But it is true: an allotment falls to an heir.

As the “seed of Abraham” we automatically share in the blessings that once fell to Abraham such as justification and vivification (3:21). But we also share in the promise of blessing to all the families of the earth. That and more is the riches we possess in Christ!