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Ephesians 5:3 – as is becoming in saints

15-08-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now, all prostitution and uncleanness or greed—let it not even be named among you, according as is becoming in saints…

Continuously Paul describes the walk in terms of contrast. The previous verses were about the love of GOD in which we should walk. Charactarized by unconditionality, dedication and fragrancy. But in this verse, he points out the dark downside. First, in terms of sexuality. Later in this chapter Paul will comment positively the deep sense of being “one flesh” of man and woman.

Prostitution (Greek: porneia) is about sexual intercourse with someone else than the own husband or wife. Uncleanness is often associated with prostitution and points to the unclean thinking behind it (Romans 1: 24). Greed (in this context), points to desiring someone who belongs to another. As usual as this might be in the world, as logical it is for the believers in Christ, that this shouldn’t be our practice.

“… as is becoming in saints”, is the brief motivation of Paul. “Saints” are people, put apart by God to govern the Kingdom of GOD, soon with Christ. Called to a royal task. That goes with royal dignity. Noblesse oblige…