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Ephesians 4:6 – one God and Father

21-06-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

  …one God and Father of all, •Who is over all and through all and in all..

The one GOD of the Scriptures is Father. The ‘fatherhood’ we know on earth, is named after GOD, the Father (3: 15). He is the origin of every creature, and also exalted above them. For He is the GOD of them all. He takes care for the creation in general and for every particular creature. He knows them – for He is the Father of all.

GOD is unique and his creation is truly an ‘uni-versum’. Literally that means: turned to one. That is also a promise!

The Hebrew word for ‘Father’ is ‘Abba’. Three characters: alef, beth, alef. In Hebrew those are also three numbers: 1-2-1. The alef (1) is the number of GOD. He is the Alef! The beth (2) is the number of the creation. Characterized by duality. Beth also means ‘house’. That’s why the creation is designed: to be GOD’s house. GOD wants and will live in all. The beginning was with him (alef), the consummation will also be with Him. He is Abba, Father! Over all and through all and in all.